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Canine: Man’s Best Friend

Whoever said that the dog is man’s best friend do understand what it means when he said that and for most of us, pet owners, this statement is very real as we experience it in our lives with them. And like a friend contributes to your well-being, so a dog has contributed a lot of things for the welfare of his human masters and to other animals as well, in very important ways. And this kind of relationship between dogs and its human master have been witnessed as far as we can remember. Dogs sustain a relationship with their owners in a very unique way which other animals are not able to have. The way that dogs have adapted to human interaction is a unique kind of adaptation. And this is how our canine companions came to be.

In this world, dogs play a very important role. Dogs can be your companion for life and can be well treated as a member of your family. However, there are other amazing things that dogs can do that we don’t do as humans. Having a dog friend is something that is out of the ordinary.

Many dogs have become a part of law enforcement units and have contributed much for them. We have seen dogs sniffing for bombs and drugs in public places and this is how they help law enforcers in their daily jobs. Dogs have been trained to do human rescue work. Whether it be in the wilderness, water, snow, or during an earthquake, dogs have been seen helping recuse humans. Dogs can indeed be relied on when doing human rescue work and they have proven that we can rely on their ability to rescue lives. Whenever they are able to do these difficult tasks, they do not even ask for anything in return but to continue loving and caring for them.

Dogs can also serve as a helper to the disabled human. Many people with disabilities know the value of a well-trained dog. Dogs have played the role of a seeing eye for the blind people, and blind people are then protected from danger and harm especially when they are walking the busy streets. There are many other types of disabilities where dogs can be very helpful to humans. Dogs are very little in return for the things that they do for you, acting like a good family member.

If you take a dog into your family, they are very willing to become a member of your family. And this is like the family were its pack. For as long as humans existed with dogs, humans have recognized this instinct in dogs and with the help of the canine we have molded this relationship to what you see today.

There is no question why dogs are called man’s best friend. Perhaps the canine thinks of us as their best friend too.

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