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Things That Will Show You that Your Dog is Arthritic

Just like the humans, dogs tend to have aching joints when they grow older. Especially the big-bodied dogs, they will tend to have this problem of aching joints. It is impotent to click here in this homepage, to learn the ideal ways to treat arthritis in dogs. The arthritis is prominent in the aging dogs, ninety percent but only twenty percent of the middle-aged dogs. Therefore, when you are having an aging dog and the behaviors are changing, it can be that they are suffering from arthritis. When you read more in this article, you will learn some of the symptoms of arthritis in dogs.

A dog that is suffering from arthritis will have quick fatigue. When you have a dog that gets tired after a few minutes of play, it can be that it is suffering from arthritis. You will not judge a dog suffering from arthritis when you see only this symptom.

Also, you will suspect that the dog is suffering from arthritis when you witness lethargy. It can be that the dog just sleeps the whole day without being active. The level of activity in the dog will have reduced drastically. When a dog is suffering from arthritis, there can be extreme lethargy as there will be a strain in the dog’s body. You have to back lethargy with other symptoms, as this alone will not prove that the dog is suffering from arthritis.

Depression in dogs is also an indication that it is arthritic. The dog will become pessimistic about the pain it feels in the joints, and therefore have a reduce activity level. Since the dog is not active all the time, depression will start to affect the dog.

The other symptom of arthritis is incontinence. When a dog is suffering from arthritis, it will have a hard time bending so that it can urinate. Due to this reason, they will not always empty the bladder after urination. Throughout the day, the dog will be slowly releasing the left urine in the bladder. The condition in which urine is released in drips throughout the day is called incontinence.

A dog with arthritis will also show symptoms of weight fluctuation. The dog can either lose weight or gain some, depending on the circumstance. A do can gain weight because it is no longer active. The dog will no longer be burning calories and therefore gain weight. A dog can as well lose some weight when it has arthritis, because it is depressed and skip meals and consume fewer calories.

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